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About HoloLab

Our services consider the identification of demand, its development until its implementation in a sustainable and stabilized operation with adequate support.


At HoloLab, we develop innovative projects in X-reality and complementary technologies with our own methodology, divided into four stages. We offer complete support to our customers, from DISCOVERY of demand, INNOVATION, through DEVELOPMENT and, if necessary, a sustainable and stabilized OPERATION with adequate support.

Our approach integrates staff, specialists, technologies and equipment into a "LAB As A Service" model. This model allows you to test concepts and business models with small investments, better identifying the possibilities and costs of the project before larger investments. After all, an innovation project can involve several technologies, different experts, levels of realism and complexity, and the interaction between the real and the virtual. Therefore, it is essential to clearly identify demand, limitations and objectives to exceed expectations within the agreed investment.

We develop Digital Twins , Simulations or any training that simulates real procedures, such as surgeries, chemical reactions and manipulation of objects and complex equipment. These tools providea new experience, aligned with the best technologies, more playful and captivating.


Our Approach



Implementation, Support and Evolutions


Ideation, prioritization, definition and modeling of a solution, product and/or service


Detailing and developing the solution, product, service and/or  applications.


Implementation, Support and Evolutions

Understand the Technologies

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Virtual reality

Digital scanning


Edge Computing

IOT Internet of Things 

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