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It provides a new level of teaching, aligned with the best technologies and more fun and captivating for students. For training, we interact with 11 systems that make up the anatomy of the human body.

  • Reduction of time in lesson planning.

  • Learning Practical and holographic for students, anywhere.

  • Exploration of the human body, such as the lymphatic system, in the classroom before contact with physical parts.

  • Improve student interest and results with practical 3D lesso

META ANATOMIA is in use at UNESC, in Anatomy classes.

meta anatomy

Benefits of the solutiondog:

  • Cost reduction with interactions in anatomy laboratories, cadavers and animal guinea pigs.

  • Class dynamics based on “interactionbuilt” together with the student 

  • To allowinteractions with a greater degree of immersion, due to the possibility of expanding and entering into anatomical systems and its components.

  • Possibility to apply/revisit the same content as many times as necessary without additional costs


Felipe Nicolazzi

Professor Isabela Casagrande

Doctor and Specialist Professor Luiz Pedro Willimann Rogério 

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